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With the release of the EP „I Feel Alone These Days“ a phase in the work of the Austrian singer-songwriter comes to an end, which is characterized in terms of content by themes such as loss, farewell, grief and abandonment. AVEC presents herself with her first more extensive release since the release of her last album „Homesick“ (2020) musically matured and focuses on artistic claim, impresses with an even for her unusual urgency and takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Right off the bat, the title track „I Feel Alone These Days“ establishes loneliness as the central material for the EP. The song acts as an intro to the EP, so to speak. The poetic lyrics are more spoken than sung, and musically the hit producer ventures into new territory with this, a wonderfully atmospheric ambient scenario.

AVEC: „This whole EP is about feeling alone sometimes, even though we are absolutely aware of the fact that we are not alone at all. When I wrote this song I felt terribly alone, I couldn‘t stand my own face in the mirror, was so tired of talking to myself, while at the same time unconsciously getting further and further away from everyone else around me. I feel alone these days, but I don‘t always feel alone.“

Self-reflection, revolving around oneself, losing oneself in the process but also reflecting oneself in others are lyrical leitmotifs that run like a thread through the EP. The second song „Mirror“ is also about this, although here the perspective is changed and it is about how others use AVEC as a projection screen to mirror themselves. With this wonderfully laid back midtempo number, things pick up musically nice and slow.

At the heart of the EP are of course the three hits „Nothing To Me“, „Walls“ and „Look Around“, which develop a dramaturgical arc of tension from the personal to the general. Spurred on by anger & disappointment, „Nothing To Me“ offers AVEC an outlet to let her feelings run free. In contrast, the current single „Walls“ is more self-reflective and introverted at the same time. With „Look around“ the view is directed outwards again and thus the EP enters the final phase with a request: Let‘s no longer look away at narcissistic self-exaltation and group-related misanthropy!

At the end the perspective changes once more to inner conflicts. The song „Ghosts“ is about the love-hate relationship with our own mind. About losing control over the voices in our head that won‘t shut up, letting these thoughts, words, images and short films take control. But then regaining them and bringing them back into the care of the self.

With the EP „I Feel Alone These Days“ AVEC presents another milestone in her career already rich in highlights despite her young age. The twenty-something has received great recognition in recent years. With her songs, she regularly manages the feat of scoring points in the broadly effective mainstream as well as landing on alternative radio. Thus, some doors have opened and interesting people have knocked. After her acclaimed Austrian tour in 2022, the British superstar James Blunt personally invited the Austrian songwriter to accompany him on his tour. The thoroughbred musician was thus able to join him on his The Stars Beneath My Feet Tour as a special guest. Another highlight in her career, which is rich in highlights despite her young age.